The Datatblr program generates a table volume that contains the univariate description of all metric and categorical variables of a data set. Datatblr delivers the table volume as LaTeX and PDF file. All you have to do is upload a CSV file with your survey response data and a CSV file with the meta information of your questionnaire. Datatblr is suitable for generating table volumes that typically appear in the appendix of research reports.

Upload your Files

Sample Files

Try Datatblr with our sample files. The data file contains the questionnaires' response data, and the meta file includes the questionnaires' meta information. Download them and then upload them again using the form above.

You may also take a look at the meta file to get to know its' structure. Further information about how to create a meta file you will find in the SurveyAMC Manual.

Desktop Version

Datatblr is also available as a desktop version if you want to use it locally on your device. The Datatblr repository provides further information about installation and usage.

Fork Datatblr

The source code is freely available via the Datatblr repository. There you can download and modify the program.


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