ClickAMC helps you get started with your own paper based survey project. The ClickAMC App generates the machine readable LaTeX questionnaire, the data dictionary, and the Stata DO file for labeling the answer dataset from one source file. All you need to do is to upload a TSV file that contains the metadata of the questionnaire. For more information about the metadata files' structure, take a look at the chapter "Work with Structured Metafiles" of the SurveyAMC Project Manual. Alternatively, you can download several Sample Meta Files further down on the page. For processing the filled answer sheets to a dataset (CSV), you can use the open source software Auto-Multiple-Choice.


Here are some questionnaire styles you can use with the ClickAMC App further down the page.

ClickAMC App

Choose a questionnaire style:

Please take care that your meta file is tab separated, contains the column names: id, class, type/scale, name, title , is not larger than 1 MB and does not contain any special characters except these.

Sample Meta Files

Here are some sample meta files from the SurveyAMC Tutorial available in english, german and french. Download one of them and then upload the file again using the form above.

Fork ClickAMC

Use ClickAMC with R or on your server. The source code is available via the ClickAMC repository. There you can download and modify the program.

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